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An exciting feature of the Riverstone High School sporting calendar is our Attackball competition in Term 3. All 4 sporting houses compete at recess and lunchtimes for the coveted Attackball trophy. Attackball is a variation of 'capture the flag'. The game is played on the oval with two teams battling it out to earn the most points. 

Rules of Attackball

Download the field layout (PDF 92KB) to help with rules.

  • Each team has 20 players who line up in their half facing their opponents at the halfway line
  • Play starts when the whistle blows
  • Players are allowed anywhere on the field except in their own goals or jails.
  • The X's have to get the football out of the Green Goal and back into their half of the field. The O's have to get the football out of the Red Goal and back into their half of the field.
  • Any player in the opposition half who gets tagged by an opposition player must go to the opposite team's jail. E.g. if a X player is tagged in the O's half, that player then goes to the Green Jail.
  • To leave jail the player must be sprung by a player from their team. In order to successfully get a player out of jail, an active player must enter the jail and link arms with the prisoner / player they are freeing. The 2 players then run back into their half without being tagged by the opposition. 
  • If either player involved in the jailbreak is tagged that player must go to jail.
  • If any player makes it safely through the opposition half and into their goal box they are safe. 
  • To get the football out of the opposition goal box the attacking team must run the ball out (At least one foot must be out of the box into the field of play). They cannot throw or kick the ball out of the box.
  • Once out of the box, the player with the ball can:
    run the ball across into their half
    pass the ball to someone else in the opposition half
    kick the ball to someone else in the opposition half
  • The ball must be run over halfway for the point to count (it cannot be thrown or kicked to a player in the other half)
  •  If at any time the player with the ball gets tagged, the ball must return to the goal and the player must go to jail.
  • If at any time the ball touches the ground then the ball is returned back to the goal

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