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Year 7

Year Advisor's message

Year 7 Advisor: Brittney Hughes

Faculty: Learning and Support

My role as a Year Advisor

To provide guidance for and promote the welfare of students:

  • To support individual students through difficult times
  • To assist teachers understand the practical needs of individual students within the year group.
  • To monitor trends in individual students relating to –academic progress, classroom behaviour, attendance, social behaviour and to refer, where necessary to counsellor, Principal, Deputy Principal, Head Teacher Welfare etc.
  • To initiate and develop programs that promote group cohesion and identification
  • Organise Pride Assemblies and Pride Excursions

As the interface between home and school:

  • To provide the initial point of contact for parents
  • To liaise between parents and the school

As a member of the school wellbeing team:

  • To update information on students with special needs
  • To participate in the development and implementation of school policy relating to Student Welfare
  • To attend LST and Welfare committee meetings
  • To liaise with the School Counsellor and be proactive in referring students of concern

As an Administrator:

  • To maintain certain records on Welfare and student files
  • Monitor whole day absences and intervene where necessary
  • To produce reports using school based software
  • To assist with new enrolment procedures
  • To co-ordinate the presentation of reports to parents
  • To regularly survey students and monitor interests/concerns

I invite parents and carers to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions by phone at Riverstone High School on 02 9627 1484 or by email at riverstone-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au


The Riverstone High School Years 7-10 Assessment HUB is an online Assessment Schedule database that provides all students with the necessary information to achieve success in any course studied at RHS in Years 7-10. The homepage provides the general detail and information about assessment and the Record of School Achievement.

Each year group has it's own tab. The drop down menus will direct users to the individual subjects offered in each year and will provide:

  • The Assessment Schedule (The exact timing and weighting of the assessments for the year)

  • A Scope & Sequence (The units and modules of study for each course)

  • An Assessment Calendar (The nominated weeks of assessment for each course)

Should students or parents/caregivers have any specific questions related to assessments within a course, they are encouraged to contact the Head Teacher of the faculty on 02 9627 1484.

Further information about assessment can be found at Board of studies.