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Important dates

Important dates for Year 8

Term 1:

27th of Feb – Student Leadership Induction

28th of Feb – Musical Auditions

14th of March – School Photos

16th of March – Cross Country Carnival

18th of March – Year 8 Elevate Session

29th Of March – PRIDE Assemblies

13th of April – PRIDE Excursion

Term 2:

16th of May – Year 8 Geography Fieldwork

25th of May – Athletics Carnival

12th of June – Literacy Week

26th of June – NAIDOC Assembly

26th of June – Parent Teacher Evening

28th of June – PRIDE Assemblies

6th of July – PRIDE Excursion

Term 3:

26th of July – Musical matinee performance

27th of July – Musical evening performance

9th of August- Mathematics competition

14th of August – Year 8 Subject Selection

15th of August – Wellbeing Day

4th of September – Showcase Auditions

20th of September –PRIDE Assemblies

24th of September – Showcase Week

28th of September – PRIDE excursion

Term 4:

29th of October – Valid Testing begins

13th of November – 7&8 AIME

30TH of November – 7&8 AIME

13th of December – Presentation Evening

14TH of December – PRIDE Excursion

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