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Topics and assessment

Here is a list of the topics students study in science at Riverstone High School.

Year 7

Clean up the mess

Students are introduced to various mixtures and their separating techniques. Students will perform a variety of experiments in which they will learn to process information and solve problems to identify the nature of a presented problem. 

Science of toys

In this topic students identify different energy types and how energy is changed from one form to another. This topic relates to everyday experiences through examining toys and their scientific principles.

We bought a zoo

In this topic students are introduced to drawing scaled diagrams and classifying various animals. The connection between plants and animals is highlighted by drawing food webs and food chains and how humans affect the delicate balance in this relationship. 

Miss Universe

Practically, students design and construct 3D models to demonstrate and explain solar and lunar phenomena observed from earth.

Year 9

Energiser bunny

Students learn through investigations on electrical circuits and the relationship between currents, voltage and resistance. Students evaluate problems with using non-renewable energy sources and research renewable energy sources to preserve the environment.

It's war

Students examine how the body defends itself against disease and the role medical science plays in addressing outbreaks. 

Who's in charge?

Students develop a deeper understanding of cells and body systems by looking at the immune and endocrine systems. 

How did we get here?

Three scientific theories are examined; including the Big Bang, plate tectonics and evolution.

Year 10

Who's your daddy? 

Students investigate how genetic information is passed from parents to children and will have an understanding of how DNA replicates.

Reacting chemically

Students investigate the structure of the atom and through various experiments identify chemical reactions.

Splitting the atom

Students investigate how natural radioactivity arises from the decay of nuclei in atoms and how we can harness this energy.

Gone in 60 seconds

Students investigate Newtons' Laws of Motion through studying the physics of car crashes.

Star wars

Students further investigate the Big Bang theory and how scientists can support or discount theories by their collected evidence.    

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