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Visual design

The Year 9 and 10 visual design elective course provides opportunities for broader, deeper and more extensive learning in visual design beyond the limits of the visual arts mandatory course.

In elective courses, students engage with forms and investigations that extend the students' understanding of art practice, the conceptual framework and the frames in making and interpreting visual design artworks.

The concept of the 'body of work' is investigated and students may produce one or more individual works that are related through subject and/or form. Students continue to develop their understanding and skills using the concepts of practice, the conceptual framework and the frames in 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional forms. Students are required to keep a Visual Design Process Diary (VDPD) which provides evidence of the decisions and action made by students in the production of their artworks.

Visual design looks at the art forms that are used in the commercial world of design. Areas such as graphic design, computer generated design and product design are studied with selected designers in these fields used for research tasks.

Visual design elective can be studied for 100 or 200 hours in Stage 5 (Year 9 and 10).

The units covered in visual design elective include:

  • Text Me
  • Material World
  • Pack It Up
  • Containment.

Students will develop a body of work and explore forms such as drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, installation and digital photography.

The weighting of the course is 60% practical and 40% theory.

Course duration: 1 year (100 hours) for Year 9 as a one-year elective or 2 years (200 hours) for Year 9 and 10 as a two-year elective.

Pre-requisites: Nil.

Equipment required: Visual Design Process Diary (VDPD), USB, Art kit supplies.

Course fees: $50 per year.