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Learning and support

Learning and Support Faculty - Fostering Inclusion and EAL/D Support at Riverstone High School

The Learning and Support Faculty is a dedicated department that prioritises inclusive education and provides comprehensive support to ensure the success of all students. This faculty comprises a team of skilled educators and support staff who collaborate to meet the diverse academic, social, emotional, and developmental needs of students, ensuring equitable access to education. In addition, the faculty plays a pivotal role in providing specialized support for students with English as an Additional Language (EAL/D), recognising the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity.

The primary mission of the Learning and Support Faculty is to provide personalized assistance, resources, and strategies to help students succeed academically and thrive in their personal growth journey. This mission includes creating an inclusive environment that embraces diversity and caters to students with varying learning profiles, abilities, and linguistic backgrounds.

Key Objectives

  • Inclusive Education: The faculty fosters an inclusive educational environment by creating individualized learning plans, accommodations, provisions, and adjustments and differentiation tailored to the needs of students with diverse learning styles, abilities, and exceptionalities. This includes providing targeted support for students with EAL/D, ensuring they have access to the curriculum and can actively engage in learning.
  • Specialized EAL/D Support: For students with English as an Additional Language, the EAL/D teacher and faculty provides specialized interventions, language support, and culturally sensitive resources to enhance language acquisition and comprehension. This enables EAL/D students to transition smoothly into mainstream classes while maintaining academic success.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: The team collaborates closely with teachers, parents, caregivers, and external professionals to develop comprehensive support plans for students, including EAL/D students. Regular communication ensures that everyone involved is well-informed about a student's progress, challenges, and achievements.


Head Teacher Teaching & Learning

  • Ms Katrina Barber

Learning and Support Teachers

  •  Mrs Tracey Clarkson
  •  Mrs Marina Head

School Learning Support Officers (SLSO's)

  • Ms Megan Boehme
  • Ms Melissa Johnston
  • Ms Kearna Wall

  • Mrs Carolyn Pritchard


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