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Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS) is studied as an elective course in years 9 and 10 and represents a broad view of physical activity and the many possible contexts in which individuals can build activity into their lifestyle. It incorporates a wide range of lifelong physical activities, including recreational, leisure and adventure pursuits, competitive and non-competitive games, individual and group physical fitness activities, and the use of physical activity for therapy and remediation.

This syllabus promotes the concept of learning through movement. Many aspects of the course can be explored through participation in selected movement applications in which students experience, examine, analyse and apply new understanding. Students are encouraged to specialise and study areas in depth, to work towards a particular performance goal, pursue a formal qualification or examine an issue of interest related to the physical, emotional, social, cultural or scientific dimensions of physical activity and sport.

Units studied in the 100 hour or 200 hour courses may include:

·         The body in action

·         World of sport

·         Racquet sports

·         Event case studies

·         Archery

·         Sports coaching

·         Fitness

·         Australia's Sporting Identity