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The study of mathematics is mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10. 

By studying Mathematics, students develop knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical concepts and their use within the classroom and beyond.

The syllabus consists of the following strands:

  • Number and Algebra

  • Measurement and Space 

  • Statistics and Probability

In Year 11 and 12, the study of Mathematics is mandatory for Year 11 2025. For Year 11 2024 Mathematics is not compulsory. Courses offered include:

  • Mathematics Extension 2

  • Mathematics Extension 1 

  • Mathematics Advanced

  • Mathematics Standard 2

  • Mathematics Standard 1

  • Numeracy CEC 

  • Mathematics Life Skills

The Mathematics staff at Riverstone High School is comprised of a dynamic group of teachers who are passionate about Mathematics and keen for students to reach their full potential. We aim to create confidence and enjoyment in doing mathematical activities. Students develop an awareness of how Mathematics can be used to solve problems in everyday life. They also learn of its contribution to the development of society.

The aim of Mathematics in Years 7 to 10 is for students to:

The aim of Mathematics 7–10 is to enable students to become confident users of mathematics, learning and applying the language of mathematics to communicate efficiently and effectively. They develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of mathematical concepts and a fluency with mathematical processes that helps them to interpret and solve problems. Students make connections within mathematics and connect mathematical concepts with the world around them. They learn to understand and appreciate how mathematics is a relevant part of their lives. 

7-10 Core-Path Structure

The Core–Paths structure is designed to encourage aspiration in students and provide the flexibility needed to enable teachers to create pathways for students working towards Stage 6. The structure is intended to extend students as far along the continuum of learning as possible and provide solid foundations for the highest levels of student achievement. The structure allows for a diverse range of endpoints up to the end of Stage 5. 

The Core outcomes provide students with the foundation for Mathematics Standard 2 in Stage 6. Students who require ongoing support in completing all Stage 5 Core outcomes may consider either Mathematics Standard 1 or the Numeracy CEC course in Stage 6. For these students, teachers are encouraged to continue to extend students towards demonstrating achievement in as many Stage 5 Core outcomes as possible. This is to enable as many students as possible to have the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in the highest level of mathematics possible.

The aim for most students is to demonstrate achievement of the Core and as many Path outcomes as possible by the end of Stage 5 and this should guide teacher planning. Allowing time for students to demonstrate understanding of the Core outcomes must be a key consideration. 

Typically, the Core will cover teaching and learning experiences up to the middle of Stage 5. It is not the intention of the Core–Paths structure to lock students into predetermined pathways at the end of Stage 4. Pathways in Stage 5 must be carefully planned to ensure some students have the opportunity to engage with Advanced and Extension courses.

Paths are used to progress students towards Stage 6 courses and may be implemented at any time in Stages 4 and 5 with careful consideration of the continuum of learning. Teachers also have the option of engaging with specific elements of Paths rather than the entire outcome to meet the needs of their students. Teachers should plan to cover as many Paths as practicable. 


All students are required to bring a calculator each lesson to assist them with their studies. They are available for sale from the front office for $30, or if you wish you may purchase one from an external source. It is recommended that you purchase a scientific calculator and label it with your student's name. 

Mathematics Competition

Students with an interest in logical thinking and mathematical problem solving are encouraged to participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition, which will be held in August this year. Students in a P class in Mathematics will attempt the competition and any other interested students are encouraged to compete. The cost is $8 per student. 

Our Staff:

  • Mr Darren Thomas (Head Teacher)


  • Mrs Angel Albert

  • Ms Cecilia Kang

  • Mrs Chrestella Wardjiman

  • Ms Amuktha Kandala
  • Ms. Thamara Attanayake
  • Mr. Mahfuz Khan



Subjects taught:

  • Mathematics Stage 4 

  • Mathematics Stage 5 Core and Paths