Riverstone High School

Resilience Respect Responsibility

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We provide safe learning and teaching environments to encourage healthy, happy, successful, and productive students.

The department is committed to creating quality learning opportunities for children and young people. These opportunities support wellbeing through positive and respectful relationships and fostering a sense of belonging to the school and community. The Wellbeing Framework for Schools helps schools support the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of students and allows them to connect, succeed and thrive throughout their education.

The Wellbeing team at Riverstone High School aims to support students by developing resilience and self-discipline in our cohorts so that they may learn to the best of their ability and become Resilient, Respectful and Responsible members of the school and the community.

The role of each year advisor is to support their cohort with age and stage specific issues. The wellbeing team as a whole works to support mental health and wellbeing school wide. In addition to Year advisors Riverstone High School is supported by a School Support Officer, an Aboriginal Education Coordinator and a Community Liaison Officer supporting our Pacific Islander Community. These individuals work collaboratively with the wellbeing team and the school counselling service to help students build social and emotional skills through targeted strength-based programs and strategies.

Wellbeing Team

  • Ms W Limmer (Head Teacher Wellbeing)
  • Ms Britnney Cull (Year 12 Advisor)
  • Ms Cassie O’brien (Year 11 Advisor)
  • Ms Annasimone Ibrahim (Year 10 Advisor)
  • Mr Rhys Dane (Year 9 Advisor)
  • Ms Sarah Neil (Year 8 Advisor) 

  • Ms Bree Mcnamarra (Year 7 Advisor) Ms Cherie Bidois (Assistant Year 7 Advisor)
  • Ms Rachel Pirovic Moss (Year 6 Advisor/Year 7 2025) Ms Sherene Abrahams (Assistant Year 6 Advisor)
  • Ms Brittney Cull ( Careers Advisor)
  • Ms Jemima Catania (Student Support Officer)
  • Mr Xavier Manu (Community Liaison Officer)

  • Mr Wyatt Barn (Aboriginal Education Coordinator)
  • Ms Taryn Brown (Aboriginal Education Officer)