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English study is mandatory in NSW from Kindergarten to Year 12.

In the English Faculty at Riverstone High School, our goal is to facilitate the development of literate, critical and imaginative thinkers who can share and appreciate ideas, perspectives, and experiences in the world. We promote the learning of literature with engaging texts, both classic and modern, which cover a wide range of text types, time periods, and cultures, including composers from our Aboriginal and local communities.

We attempt to facilitate the enjoyment of literature and learning by creating challenging and enjoyable opportunities. We aim to develop students’ confidence in becoming comfortable with the experimentation of ideas and expression; to be active, independent, and lifelong learners; to work collaboratively, and to reflect on their own learning.

About the delivery of our English courses

Stage 4 & 5

Within English, students engage with the study of a wide range of text types, including prose fiction, poetry, picture books, film, non-fiction, media, digital and persuasive texts, plays (including those of the Shakespearean persuasion) with ingrained formative assessment practices and reading programs designed to guide students’ literacy development and ‘soft skill’ acquisition.

Stage 6

We offer all units of Stage 6 English and alter our text choices each year based on what our experienced teachers believe will be engaging and meaningful texts that students can relate to. Below are the courses offered each year at RHS:

- English Studies

- English Standard

- English Advanced

- English Extension 1

- English Extension 2 (HSC only)

- English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D)

Extra-curricular Activities

- NSW Premier’s Debating Challenge

- Reading, Writing & Public Speaking competitions

Staff Members

  • Michael Kyrios (Head Teacher)
  • Rhys Dane
  • Michelle Erskine
  • Annasimone Ibrahim
  • Cassie-Lee Obrien
  • Vanessa Wickens
  • Thomas Langford